Monday, January 22, 2007

Stitchy Weekend!

I did manage to do some stitching over the weekend.
Friday night I went to PMS. It was OK. I think Karen and I have decided that 8:00 is just too early to quit stitching so, she came to my house after to stitch until about 11. By the time you get there, eat, clean up, get all your stuff out, you only have about an hour of stitching time with an 8:00 closing time.

Saturday I worked until 4 then Karen, Kaye and I went to Connie's house again since they were not able to go to the first sale. I think they got some good stuff. I didn't buy anything other than a few cuts of plain fabric. Then the four of us went to dinner and Karen again came over to stitch. That was an 11 o clock night too.

Sunday I skipped church, hit the dollar store to start getting stuff for all of the exchanges I am in and then headed home. I was going to watch the Saints game. I am not a football person at all but, I was intending to show a little team spirit. Well, that plan got sidetracked by a nap. When I got up I stitched and finished most of the Trellis. As you can see I don't have much left. I should be able to finish this soon.

I have also been working on this little project. What is it?? Haha

For those of you that may be interested, check over on the Rotation BB for the spring exchange. Sign ups are now being taken.

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Anonymous said...

Marjean- I love the piece you are stitching right now. Who's it by? Sounds like a lot of fun with stitching friends.