Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back from the Beach!

Oh man, I really didn't want to come home today. Thursday after work some friends and I headed out of reality for a short jaunt to the beach. We stopped on the way for dinner and got there and unloaded by midnight. Friday morning we got up for some quality stitching time. Lunchtime came and we had no food so we had to go out. Well, we got distracted shopping and didn't come home until after supper. We found this great restuarant a short distance from our condo that had the best burgers. There was a marina there and it was so nice to see the charters come in and enjoy the water. When we finally made it back to the condo we had some more stitch time. We finally were all in bed around 2 I guess. Saturday morning we got up and headed for Pensacola for shopping there. We went to Joann's and to Needle Delights. We got home from there around 11, then stitched and looked at our treasures. All I bought was canvas and threads to make my EGA Christmas exchange ornament. This morning we got up and left the condo and came home. I got back to BR around 6. I wish we had more time to just sit but we did OK. The weather was absolutely beautiful. Our condo was right on the beach and we could sit and look at the water all day if we wanted to. We usually kept the screen doors open so we could hear the waves crashing. All in all we had a fantastic weekend.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Scent of Old Roses

This is The Scent of Old Roses by Mirabilia. She is done on Picture This Plus Cherub fabric. I did this for the contest on the Mirabilia board. I way underestimated the time it would take me to finish this. I have been working on her since Sept. 1. It took me FOREVER to put all those beads on. I have never done a Mirabilia with so many beads! Anyway, I think she came out pretty.
One more stitching thing to mark off my list. Today I will start my current rotation of the Mirabilia RR. It is due on the 29th of this month. I still have to do my WIDSS and my Mill Hill Picket Fence for Nov, and start this new mystery sampler that I haven't even picked out threads or fabric for. I just might get it all done by the first.
Have a great day!

Squash Queen Contest Winning Prize

Finally I am following through with a promise! I am so so sorry that it took me so long. As you read in my last post, I am sort of overwhelmed right now. This is my prize from Diane's "Guess the Squash" contest. Look how it was wrapped! How lovely. It is a magnet so it is proudly displayed on my refrigerator. Thank you so much Diane for the time you put into stitching this for me.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Traffic Jam

I am having a traffic jam in my brain! I have so many things I want to do. There are so many new projects going and new patterns out that I want to start. I promised ya'll a photo of my squash contest win that I still haven't posted. I need to do things like balance the checkbook, etc. I need to do some EGA paperwork, I am the treasurer after all! I got in 16 boxes of Christmas products at the store today, a box of a Vera promo, and an order of Christmas books. All of that has to be priced and put out. Tomorrow night I have to go pick up another order that will have to be priced and put out. Saturday is the Governor's election. I will have to work that which means up at 4:30 and at the polls until 9 pm. I am still stitching away on The Scent of Old Roses. That needs to be and will be finished probably by the end of the weekend. I still have to pick the pattern and stitch my next installment on the Mirabilia RR. I have about a week to do that. I need to do the next assignment in my Spanish SAL by Nov 1st. Ok What else???? I think that is it for right now. Oh I need to pay on my EGA Seminar balance. I think that has to be in by Nov 15. Maybe sooner, I don't know. I am sorta stalled out on The Scent of Old Roses but am pushing through to the finish. Does anyone else ever get like this? I can't focus on anything but finishing this.

There was an interesting question posed as I was blog reading the other day. The question was..Why do you stitch? For the process or the finish? Well I truly truly stitch for both. I love the process of the stitch, I love challenging myself with new stitches and combinations of stitches. I love to see a piece come together. I love to see it forming into something. It is also a great feeling of accomplishment when it is all done and I can stand back and look at what I have created. I think it is amazing some of the things that I can do with a needle and thread (I am not discounting anything that anyone else does). I love the challenge of hard pieces but also love the simplicity of the easy ones too. How about you?

Have a great evening. I am off to stitch some more. Hopefully aoon you will have those pictures that I promised.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend Update

Wow, what a weekend I have just had. Me and my friend Kaye went to a cross stitching retreat just outside of Mobile, Al. It was so nice to get away from home for a few hours (which is literally how it felt!). We left Friday and arrived there around 4:30. After dinner, the stitching room was opened. It was great to meet up with old friends and meet new people and even connect a few names floating around with faces. On Saturday night there was a stitching fair contest. I had taken my Chatelaine Leporello to enter. Well, guess what??? I won first place. I was given a generous gift certificate to use at the boutique at the retreat. Wow! I was not expecting that. When I got home today I also had another surprise in my mail box. I could not for the life of me figure out this address. When I opened it, I had a surprise from Diane for my winning the squash contest. I will post pictures of that later because I don't have photo access from my camera on this computer. Well, it has been a long, short, jampacked weekend with lots of fun memories to cherish. I am off to rest up for reality tomorrow.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

No pictures

My camera needs a new battery so I have no update pictures. I have managed to do quite a bit on The Scent of Old Roses. I am down to having just her skirt left to do. I still haven't started my current rotation of my round robin. I have until the 29th to do it so I am not real worried.
Everyone have fun this weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather we are having.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Happy Monday!

These are not the greatest pictures but, this is my Sweetheart Tree Round Robin. It finally made it home. I had to do the pictures in two installments but it is all on one piece of fabric. I think it came out perfect. I had used a picture I found on someone's blog as my inspiration. I wanted something bright and colorful.

I had a wonderful weekend. I didn't do much but it was nice. I worked Saturday then weeded my front flower bed, then just relaxed. Sunday I went to church. I went to a new Sunday School class. It was OK. I used to be in that class but for some reason left. It was good to be back. Sunday after church I picked up the weeds that I had pulled out and then just relaxed for the rest of the day. I did manage to finish my October Mill Hill Picket Fence.

Well, I am off to work some. It is a beautiful day here.