Thursday, January 11, 2007

I get one too!

I just realized last night as I was getting my exchange gift ready that I get one back. I am sure that I will like it. I live getting stitched gifts from other stitchers.

I have an EGA meeting tonight. That has gotten to be an interesting organization. Fewer and fewer people show up for the meetings. I wonder how long we will continue to pay our dues. I have to at least one more time because I am the treasurer. I am trying to find someone to replace me for next year.

I am waiting for stash. After Christmas and before the NPI silks went up, I placed a huge order with Needlecraft Corner. I hope to get it soon.


Theresa said...

I'm not going to EGA tonight. Not because I don't want to see everybody, but because I don't have the time nor any inclination to stitch a habitat sampler!

Autumn said...

Oh yeah, those Habitat Samplers are a reason why I've never joined, plus you know my other reasons. I haven't gotten my order from SB&B from before Christmas! I wish it'd hurry up!