Friday, January 12, 2007

Coconuts and Other Tidbits

Last night was full of activity.
I went to my EGA meeting. It wasn't too bad. I chose to work on closing out the books for the end of the year (one of my treasurer duties). I got almost done and realized that I was over 700.00 off. After a bit of reviewing, I found the error. EGA had sent my form to me with 2004's ending balance on it instead of 2005's.

While I was at the meeting I overheard a bit of juicy gossip. I told those that I felt would be amused. If anyone else wants to know, just email me and I will tell you. I ought to be ashamed!

After the meeting I ran by Target to start stockpiling dollar items for my secret stitcher and birthday exchanges. Sorry, I can't show you but I got some goooood stuff!

When I got home I went across the street to visit with my neighbors. I found out several weeks ago that Fred Luter from Franklin Ave Baptist Church preaches at my church on Sunday afternoons. I also found out that my neighbors grandma (mawmaw) practically raised him so, I went to ask them if I could go with them one afternoon to listen to him preach. This led to the discussion of the coconuts. You see, my neighbors are Katritians. They moved here after the hurricane and are diligently trying to get back to the city because IT'S CARNIVAL TIME. I found out that Mr I has been a member of the Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club yes, Zulu, for over 35 years. Mrs G told me that there is already a coconut with my name on it. I don't even have to go to the parade to get it. Maybe they will throw it to me across the street. She told me I needed to go with them to Lundi Gras, the Monday before Mardi Gras and sell Zulu souviners in the Zulu booth on the riverfront. I don't think so!

I think that is all for now. I haven't stitched in 3 days and am having withdrawals. Maybe today or tonight I will get a chance.

More later.


Theresa said...

I finished part 2 of the leporello. I've started on part 10 but haven't gotten too far. I have Don's tomorrow night then work so hopefully I will get something done on it.

Autumn said...

I got a coconut a long time ago. From an actual parade. Everyone was really impressed because you know how hard that is for a (ahem) white person to get one. My friend theorized my huge lips, big nose, and large butt had confused the people on the float. LOL