Wednesday, May 26, 2010

New (to me) Nail Polish Discoveries

This is a very non-stitchy post but, I have come across some of the most amazing nail products that I want to spread the word about.

I polished my nails Sunday night and today is Wednesday. It is usually about this time that I am removing my polish because of the chips. As of today, I don't have one single chip or scratch in my polish and it is just as shiny as the day I polished my nails.

The first new product is called Bonder by Orly. This is the base coat that I used. It is sort of a gel like product that adheres polish to the nail.
I used two coats of OPI polish. The second new product is the top coat I used which was Seche Vite . Oh my, I have never seen anything like this product. It is truly amazing. By the time I got finished putting this top coat on my nails, they were dry. Not tacky dry but dig around in your purse dry. I have seen reviews on these products where the manicure lasts for 14 or more days. Get. These. Products.

I am in no way affiliated with these companies (except I do sell OPI in my store). They are just great products!