Saturday, August 30, 2008

Still waiting......

Well, here we are on Saturday morning, still waiting. You definitely can feel that everyone here is in a holding pattern, just waiting for the big storm. Nobody is out shopping unless it is to get hurricane supplies. We are all in anticipation of what this storm is going to do. The state and LSU officials moved the game up to 10 am this morning. The contraflow is predicted to start around 6 am Sunday. During contraflow, all lanes of the interstate lead north. I heard this morning that not only are they setting 10, 55, and 59 to contraflow but also 49. Every interstate in the state will be heading north. I just watched the news and Gustav is hovering on the west side of Cuba with wind speeds at 115 mph. This makes this storm a Cat3 and it is still hitting land. When it gets to the gulf, they expect it to be a 4 or 5. There is a chance that the storm will turn but, the weather people see this all the time and they study this stuff, so they know what they are saying. There is and uncertainty about what it will do but all the predictors have it heading this way. This is a map of the state of Louisiana. Last I heard, the storm was set to land 20 miles west of Houma. If you look 20 miles west of Houma, then straight up, you will see Baton Rouge which is where I live. Again, hopefully by landfall, the storm will turn some so the impact wont be as significant.
Well, I am off to work. I am going to still try to go to Walmart this afternoon and take some pictures so you can experience hurricane preparations. It will be insane I am sure.

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Sandy said...

Are you staying Marjean? My Step-Daughter and her husband live on of Jefferson in a condo and it's on the 2nd floor. They're staying the last I talked to them at 1:30 a.m. this morning. I know ya'll are going to get hit hard. I'll be praying for you.

I didn't even think about taking photos of the preparations. I may direct people to your blog so they can see what it's like in Louisiana. I was too busy trying to steer my cart without hitting someone. LOL

I just sat in line at the gas station to "top off" my tank and listened to the horns blowing and the people cursing because they were having to wait. There's a 10 gallon limit right now because of so many people filling up their gas cans. Are they panicking there? It's just crazy.

And if I hear one more person on the news say "hunker down" I'll scream. LOL That's the craziest saying. Ok I'm loosing it now. I couldn't sleep last night and I'm tired.

You stay safe too. Keep in touch.