Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Another HoE exchange done

This is the latest exchange....a needleroll. I am pretty positive that the recipient doesn't read my blog so I really wasn't worried about showing it. I did an MDesigns pattern. I really like how it turned out. I thought I would be pushing the deadline on this one but got it finished up faster than I expected to. Now to just get some goodies together and send it overseas, I think it goes...well, I am not sure where it goes. I do know who it goes to though.
This is of course the Lizzie Kate double flipits that everyone else is doing or has done. This was a pretty quick stitch. It took me on average about 2 nights to finish each word and I stayed with it until I finished.
I am getting ready to do a RR section for my EGA RR and then I have commited to doing 2 Mira RR sections for people whose RR's went MIA. I also signed up for 2 more exchanges so I will be busy. One stitch at a time.


Sally said...

The needleroll is absolutely beautiful:)

Nice progress on the L*K's too.

Jenny said...

I love the needlerool and the Flippits. Nice job