Wednesday, November 7, 2007

More Motorcycles

Today I saw more motorcycles but these weren't so happy. Saturday night there was a horrible accident in town where 4 senior boys were killed and 2 more were injured. Evidently they had been drinking and were involved in a hit and run accident and they fled the scene, turned their lights off on the truck, then when they went around the corner they hit the ditch. Three were killed instantly and the 4th was killed by the time he got to the hospital. The funerals were today. They were all four held together at a local Church. My store just happens to sit on the same road as the Church and the cemetary and right in the middle of the two. It was a very somber day around town. When the funerals were over there were tons of motorcycles and cars, cars, and more cars. They closed down the road for the procession to the cemetary. Three of the boys were buried there and the other one was buried at a Church a little further down the road. The word is there were more than 1000 people at the funeral. This is a very small town and when something like this happens, it affects everyone. Enough sadness for today!

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