Saturday, November 24, 2007

Caleb and other stuff

So, here is Caleb the Candy Elf. The fabric is what I will use to back him. I am going to try making a stand up. I haven't ever done that before but it can't be that hard.

This has been a crazy few weeks. My birthday was nice. I got another present from my friends Theresa and Daphne that I will try to get a picture of this weekend. It is so cute, I love it.

LSU lost yesterday. That was sad. They have had a really good season. I am not a fan but how they play affects the entire city. This is definitely a football town.

Mom and I got up and went Black Friday shopping yesterday. I can't believe she actually went with me. We just went to Target and were back home by about 6:30. Maybe next year we can go longer. The thing is, we have to be at work for 10 so we can't stay gone too long.

Thanksgiving was OK. Mom and I went to 2 movies. We don't like to stay at home too much. My grandmother has forgotten that she ever made dressing and candied yams so she couldn't help my mom. That was sad. She never taught anyone how to make Thanksgiving so we just had to sorta guess at the recipes. It came out OK. I really need to learn how to do it now that my mom sorta knows how, especially the yams. Yummy! No mashed sweet potato casserole with marshmallows for me, give me candied yams any day.

Last week in town there was an apartment complex that burned down. It affected over 200 people. There is one family that the husband was burned very badly. They are friends of a friend. This is very near and dear to me. You see, you may not know it but, Dec 24 of 1990, my apartment burned to the ground. I was 21 years old, living in my first apartment. I lost everything I owned. My mom and I went shopping for this family the night before Thanksgiving and got some stuff. If anyone wants to help contribute to this family please contact me. I wish I could help them all but unfortunately I can't. We have so much that we had to do something. It just so happened that I was put in touch with one of them.

We were busy at the shop yesterday and as I write this I am hoping for another busy day today. I haven't picked up a needle in a while but hope to today. I am actually in the Christmas mood. That hasn't happened in a few years. I hope to actually put up my tree this year too.
Happy Stitching!


Theresa said...

He's really cute!

Dianne said...

I'm sure you'll do fine with the stand-up design. I've never made one either. I'm going to make a little drawstring bag for a lottery I am in-first time for me.
I'm sorry about the apartment fire in your town and your loss all those years ago. It's so sad and scary.
My son just went back to school and he's never made the trip back by himself-I'm a little blue.