Friday, May 25, 2007

Trip Recap

Well, I am back. My trip to Atlanta was pretty fun. This will be a pretty boring post for those not interested. I didn't stitch much but did manage to almost finish the current rotation of the Mirabilia RR that I am working on.

Sunday we left BR at around 6 AM. The drive wasn't too bad. We stopped in Montgomery, AL for lunch at the Piccadilly. It was really neat. It was an all you can eat buffet. We arrived in Atlanta around 3:30 Atlanta time. We stayed at the Hyatt in downtown Atlanta. We got our luggage into the room and immediately left to go downstairs to register for Convention. We also had time to buy some souviners. I got 2 t-shirts, the cutest makeup bag, and some luggage tags in the shape of a bottle of nail polish. They would only be neato to me because they all say Merle Norman on them. I later went back and got a pin that is a mirror, lipstick, and something else, I can't remember. I haven't even looked at it since I bought it. Sunday night mom and I went to eat at this place called Fire of Brazil. That was really neat. If you haven't ever been to a Brazillian steak house and you like meat, I would really recommend the experience. Be sure and take lots of money when you go as it is rather pricey.

Monday we got up and just went to 2 meetings, then we went to eat a burger with our friends from D'ville. Monday afternoon we took a nap then had our opening banquet Monday night. The best part about that was the miniature Creme' Brulee's they had for us. I will have to say that MN did good. The band was Andy Child's. It was way too loud for my taste and there was no place to sit down so you had to eat standing up. I didn't last too long there. I pretty much ate and then went back to the room.

Tuesday was our general session meeting day. We met from 8:30 until around 1. We got some good new products. I tried the new eyeliner today and even after I took my makeup off tonight, it was still there. Then we went to DQ for chocolate dipped cones. The afternoon was spent in breakout meetings. Tuesday night we went to Steak and Ale to eat. We got a workout. The restuarant was down this huge hill that we had to walk back up after eating. We walked everywhere downtown around our hotel. We never called for our car or used a taxi.

Wednesday we had breakout sessions again pretty much all day until around 3. We had to get all of our orders in for the rest of the year on new products, fall, and Christmas, and then any promotional items. That was pretty taxing. I made the mistake of looking at the total and nearly had a stroke. Then we took a nap again and went to our entertainment that night. This year it was the Temptations. They were great! They sang and danced for 2 solid hours. They never stopped. One of the members is an original member of the band, Otis Williams maybe. Dinner was our typical banquet food of steak, potatoes and veggies. They usually traditionally have baked alaska for dessert but this year we had a medley of desserts: flan, whipped cream stuff with some choco shavings, a fruit tart and something else I can't name. Our owner died a few years ago and his son who took over the company is slowly making some pretty radical changes.

Thursday we got up at 4 Atlanta time, that's right 3AM BR time. We called the bellman and the car and when we got to the motor lobby our car was there. We left around 4:45. Well, I was so sick. I got sick before we left Atlanta. Mom drove all the way home. We got to BR around 12:30. I went straight to bed. That afternoon I did manage to get my suitcase unpacked. I still haven't washed though and I need to take my formal to the cleaners.
Wednesday I got a call that my friend Jann's dad had passed away. I was too sick to go to the funeral home on Thursday night but was able to make the funeral today. I have felt better today until tonight. I just have a cold but I am miserable. I sorta figured I was getting sick before I left but all the going going got to me I guess.So that is where I have been today. I went to the funeral this morning then back to work. Tomorrow is a blood drive in the shopping center and we are having a sidewalk sale of sorts so it ought to be a busy day. Vera Bradley is also having a national sale on all discontinued stock from June 7-10 so I am getting my mailer ready for that too.
So now I am tired and am headed for bed. Tomorrow will be busy. Thank goodness I get off at 3 and then have a long Memorial day weekend. Yes, we are actually closing. Right! Whatcha want to bet either me or mom or both go open?

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Karin said...

Glad you made it home safely! Sounds like the convention was a good one.