Tuesday, May 29, 2007

2 Down, and I Lost Track

This is my current rotation of the Mirabilia RR that I am in. I started it right when I got it because I have a tendancy to procrastinate. It really does feel good to be done with it. I stitched the flowers off of the Spring Queen pattern. Deb had chosen a stitcher's choice theme. I think they are really pretty.
Speaking of Mirabilia, I noticed that she has 2 new patterns out today. I like these couture fairies but, if I ever stitch them, I think I will leave off the wings.

I have not gotten any more stitching done. I have been really really sick since coming home from Atlanta. I do fell a little better but need to take it easy for a while. Maybe I will feel like stitching some tonight.

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Jenny said...

That is really pretty Marjean! I never would have thought to do a bouqet like that, but it looks really good. Nice job! :)