Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Quaker Garden

I finished Quaker Garden by Blackbird Designs over the weekend. It is stitched on Garden State Java. I am not really a fan of Blackbird but for some reason this one appealed to me. I think I am going to quit using my iron. When I ironed it, I was using the steam and a big pool of water has now turned into a big water spot on my fabric. Every time I iron something it gets messed up. It will be OK once it is framed, you won't be able to see it at all. I guess I could mist the entire thing, adding more spots to give the fabric a mottled effect.

I was in a rather meloncholy mood last night. My good friends dad died and I had to go to the funeral home. I thought I would be OK but, when I got there, I realized that the visitation was in the same room that my dad was in. I got chills when I was standing in there. I know that is goofy but, that is me. Then since I was already on the upset side, I drove back to the cemetary behind the funeral home to check on my dad's grave. I cried of course. I think I don't ever go because I always get upset. This is the first time I had been in about 5 years and I pass it every day, several times. I didn't stay long because dark was approaching fast and a cemetary at dark is not really somewhere that I long to be.

I went to stitching last night at the LNS. That was nothing great with no new news. I left early to go do my funeral home stint and then met one of the ladies for dinner. At dinner, I ran into one of the girls that owns a children's shop in the shopping center my store is in. She confirmed that they are moving to this end by me but, in between them and me, there will be a donut shop. UGH! Not to mention all the donuts I will be eating, it is going to stink! I really want to email the landlord and encourage them to rent further down the shopping center, away from me.


Theresa said...

Looks good! You know if you take stuff to Doran's to get framed she doesn't even want you to iron it. She does it all with a steamer or something and you know it comes out great! Are you gonna frame this?

Jenny said...

Your Quaker Garden looks great! :)

tkdchick said...

That's beautiful!

tkdchick said...
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