Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It is Almost Christmas!

Not really, it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. We do have a very short Christmas season this year though.
I have been stitching some ornaments.....well, before I went on strike I did. I have managed to get a few things finished.
This is my most recent exchange I sent off. I think this will be my last one for a while. It is fun to give and receive but, I don't get too much done for myself these days.
This is another ornament I stitched from JCS this year. I took an ornament I got at Hobby Lobby and made this into the center. Not perfect but, kinda cute.

Here is my Christmas tree at the store. Just a plain ole tree. Not too good of a picture because the lights are on and it is dark outside. Plain red balls, nothing spectacular. You would not believe the people that fawn over this tree. The business next door came and looked at it and looked at it. Next thing I knew, their tree looks just like mine. I have had several people tell me they went and got that same red webbing. Amazing, it is just a plain tree, very few ornaments, and the poinsettias came from Dollar Tree. I think it is funny.

I have a light week this week so maybe I can get some stitching done. Until next time......


Jenny said...

Hi Marjean, nice to see you posting again. Merry Christmas! :)

Sally said...

Lovely ornaments Marjean. I'm a sucker for snowmen!

Lucy said...

Kinda cute??? VERY cute ornie!

Carol R said...

Your tree does look lovely!