Friday, November 7, 2008

Catching up

First up. This is the HoE floss tag exchange I sent to Simone. I thought it turned out really nice. It is a bit wonky and I need to work on the eyelet situation but those are minor details.
My apoligies to my previous post. I didn't give proper credit where it was due. This is my start on November Fairy. I haven't had a chance to work on it any more. I need to recognize Kaye for giving me the pattern last year for my birthday (5 more days), and Autumn for giving me the fabric. Thanks ya'll.
Thirdly, this picture shows what I received for the HoE exchange from Cathy. I really like this exchange.
I may be absent for a while. I have had a major change in my business and have had to make some huge life changing decisions. I am refocusing and concentrating on my business.


Sally said...

Lovely exchange pieces and your start on November Fairy is pretty.

Manuela said...

Your blog is really nice, Good night
Manuela from Genova (Italy)

Jenny said...

Nice to see you posting Marjean. I hope the changes in your business allow you some stitching time when things settle down. Your November fairy is looking great so far. :)