Thursday, September 4, 2008

More Hurricane Stuff

I finally saw my property manager today. They got tarps put up over the entire shopping center roof and we should have a real roof by next week. They are going to dry and refloat my ceiling beginning today. I will have to get new carpet and fixtures but I have to get the ceiling in first. I moved out all the Vera so it wouldn't pick up any odor. I am so tired. I think a lot is emotional. After Katrina, I remember thinking that "those people" really are bad off. I sort of disassociated myself from it. Now is the reality. Today, some of the low lying communities started to flood. I think the rivers have just about crested so the water should start going down soon. I know we are on track for recovery. I will have to commend the state and the state government for stepping up to the plate.
One thing I heard over the course of the last few days was "Why do those people live there" The answer was "We love our land". I got to thinking about that and it is really true. I have written before about our state and I still wouldn't live anywhere else. We are community, we love our food, our crops, our river, our gulf, our seafood. We have beautiful old antebellum homes, we love to have fun. It is just different here from anywhere else in the country.
Things are so much better here and ......I think Walmart opens for limited hours tomorrow.


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Jenny said...

((Marjean)) I'm sorry you got hit so hard. I am such a wuss, I wouldn't know the first thing to do after that kind of property damage. I'm glad to hear though that you have your power back and a plan for getting back on track.

Marian said...

Well, sounds like I may not only recognize your name but live near you!!!!I think I see you at the X Stitch Corner. We got hit, too. Limb through the bedroom ceiling and the hurricane deductible is going to shoot us between the eyes. Ours went into effect in May. My son and his family live in Houston and are getting ready for Ike right not. Laura and kids are in SA and John is with her parents riding it out in H. Marian