Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Where's the pictures?

I really have been stitching! Let's see...so far this month I stitched a scissor fob for an exchange. I sent to Jill. You can see what I sent in her blog because I forgot to take a picture. The other thing I made this year was a door hanger for my friend. I stitched Lizzie Kate's Follow your heart but changed the colors to bright pastels. She got it today...Loved it! I didn't take a picture of that one either. I seem to have an aversion to my camera this month. Last night I stitched on my current rotation of the Mirabilia RR. I am almost done with my mermaid. Maybe I will remember to take a photo before I send that one on.

Now back to crawfish. Crawfish do make an interesting meal if you haven't ever experienced them. When they are in season (spring/summer), some people have crawfish boils which is what the pictures from the last post were from. Imagine something like a barbeque. A group of friends gather, usually at someone's house, and have a boil. You boil crawfish, corn, potatoes, sometimes onions, garlic, mushrooms, I have even heard of putting weinees in there too. When they are done you just spread them on the table and peel and eat away. You don't get much meat from the tails so on average a person eats about 3 to 5 lbs worth. A pound is figured with the entire body of the crawfish. When crawfish are in season the restuarants that serve them do AUCE nights. That usually runs between 16 and 20 dollars a person. It is all about getting fresh crawfish and the way they are seasoned. Usually when I get done eating my fill my lips are numb because they are soooo hot but that is what makes them soooo good. So, No, I haven't had my fill yet because they aren't in season. The seafood market across from my shop (which is what made me want them because I can smell them boiling every day) has them for 3.49 a lb right now. As we get further into the season the crawfish get bigger and the price goes down. During the main part of the season you can usually get them for 1.79/1.99 a lb for boiled and cheaper than that for live (to use for boils). The price usually starts going down after Easter so we don't have long to wait.

Other than that not too much has been going on. I am off to stitch mermaid hair now.


Sandy said...

Love the exchange piece to Jill, very pretty. DH said just the other day that he couldn't wait for crawfish to come down and get bigger. Yummm....:D

Jill said...

Marjean, thank you again, for the gorgeous fob and goodies. I still am just tickled about it. You made this so fun for me! Happy Stitching!