Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This is The Scent of Old Roses by Mirabilia. I wanted to participate in the contest they are having on the Mirabilia board but, didn't want a huge piece to have to rush through. I found this pattern and really liked her so this is the one I chose. I started her last Saturday after I finished QOF. I have done this in a little more than a week. She is stitching up really fast. From the chart, she looks like she would be much bigger than she is.

Happy Birthday to me. Haha, it isn't even close to my birthday yet but my friend Kaye already gave me my present. Since I am a November baby, Kaye bought me the November Topaz Fairy from Mirabilia. Thanks Kaye! Maybe just maybe I will do her next, I don't make any promises though.

Other than stitching, there hasn't been much else going on. Things are finally getting back to normal. We have been really busy at the shop (a very good thing!) and we are getting ready for Christmas. October and November will be very busy months.


Vonna said...

She is stunning...I really like your fabric you're stitching her on too :)

Mindi said...

Love the fabric you're using, and she really is stitching up quickly. You'll be done fairly soon.

Kaye said...

She is lookin good.....you GO!

Dianne said...

Hi Marjean!
Just wanted to stop by and check out your blog. Your first few pieces look beautiful! Look for your goodie in a few weeks. You were a good 'guesser' in my contest.

quiltorstitch said...

Hi there, you have a great blog! I love all of the Mirabilia you are working on. This one is very pretty, the fabric is perfect for her. :D