Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Miss Squash Queen

Haha! Diane crowned me the Squash Queen last week because I correctly guessed the number of squash she picked from her garden this summer. Actually, she is the Squash Queen. They are gorgeous. It secretly made me want to grow my own garden.

I have been stitching some. I have one more panel to October's Mill Hill Picket Fence. I will be so glad to get those all done. I just have November, December, and February left. I have already done February's once but it was my mom's birthday a few years back so I gave it to her.

I have also been reading lots. I went to the bookstore on Sunday evening and came home with The Glass Castle (read that Sunday night) and Can't Wait to Get to Heaven (read that one Monday and Tuesday nights). I was desperate so I thought I remembered my friend Daphne having Water for Elephants so she loaned that to me today. I am about a fourth of the way through it already. I get so mad at myself because I get involved in these books and I can't get enough. I am tired of romance and mystery so I decided to follow the bestseller list for a while.

I also found out today that my Sunday School class at church dissolved Sunday. No warning, just is no longer. My mom wants to take a leave of absence from teaching her class to come and grow my class. I don't know about that.

Also, on the life front, things have calmed down tremendously. I also started trying to take care of myself a little more and everything together has helped. I have one more huge stressful thing to take care of and that should be over by the end of the year. That one is sort of a constant but I am trying to take baby steps. But, anyway, all the family situation is soooooo much better.

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Kathy A. said...

How lovely is your "Old Roses" Nice work. Glad to hear life is settling down for you.