Friday, January 9, 2009

Are you still watching???

Here are some pictures I promised from my last post.

This picture is my finished band on the current rotation of the EGA RR. I adapted a band from the SAL from Papillon Creations. I think my band turned out nicely. I don't too much like the previous band but that is my own personal opinion. Hopefully mine will tie in that one and whatever the future holds for it.

Next up is a little pattern I did by Tournicoton out of the Gift of Stitching magazine. I have always admired this designers patterns. I love the use of color and stitches to show depth and texture. As I was stitching this, I hated it. I think it was because I used 5000 count fabric for it LOL, ok, not really, but it was really small. I didn't enjoy it. Perhaps I will try another pattern in the future and have a better fabric choice.

Lastly is my picture of my Queen of Freedom, home from the hospital. I know this isn't the greatest picture. I never professed to be a photographer, amateur or otherwise. I put it up on my mantle and then decided it was too heavy to take it down to try for a better picture. The mantle was the only place in my house I could find to put this. It is really big. It is about 3 inches from my ceiling. I live in a very small house so big doesn't really fit. Anyway, I love it. I love the mats on it, I love the frame, I love everything about it really. I know you can't see the frame real well but the design is small airy leaves...think fern. I thought they looked museummy (I know that isn't a word), which reminded me of Washington D. C., which reminded me of government, which reminded me of the flag and freedom. LOL, I know, I know.

Anyway, so I have gotten a little accomplished in the new year. Next up is to finish my project for the EGA Seminar, then I am getting my Mira November Fairy back out and work on her.
Happy Stitching, till next time.


Autumn said...

I remember someone telling me my LOTF looked really "federal" which I thought was kinda weird, but I guess it's true and I guess the same could be said of your QOF. Make sure you post it on the MiraBB!

Kathy A. said...

She is absolutely perfect Marjean. I'll bet she is gorgeous on the wall.
Your RR stitches are great too.

Marian said...

Love the Queen of Freedom! Frame and matting are perfect. I think I might add this one to my list.

And it's a word if you want it to be.

You're also right about Deannie's. I have a good friend named Deanne Webb so it was just natural to spell it that way.

Renea said...

I love Queen of Freedom! i thought your line of reasoning made perfect sense. I grew up Bay St. Louis, MS and then on to New Orleans ca 1960's. Obviously my dad worked for an oil company. Moved on and currently living close again as we are in AR , so we shared in some of the bad weather aftermath of hurricanes, but we missed that snow!

Lucy said...

Queen of Freedom is beautiful!

Jenny said...

Very pretty QOF Marjean! The other stitching looks great too. :)

Sally said...

Queen of Freedom looks wonderful and I love your Tournicoton piece. I must look back through my GOS issues.

staci said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!