Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow pictures

Ok, Here are some pictures. Keep in mind these pictures were taken with my cell phone. The first two pictures I was standing in my kitchen looking over my back yard. For the others I was standing under my carport looking across the street. The yellow snow in some of the pictures is not really yellow snow, it is the reflection of my carport light onto the snow. It was just barely getting light outside when I took these. I thought this was when it was the prettiest.


Brenda Lou said...

Beautiful pictures! Unfortunately, our snow didn't stick like that....LOL

Rachel said...

Beautiful pictures - thank you for sharing. We are supposed to get an early sprinkling of the white stuff this weekend. Very early for us.

I love how snow makes everything so quiet...until you hear the kids scream with excitement :P

Lucy said...

We haven't seen snow in Pennsylvania like that yet...go figure!