Monday, July 9, 2007

Where is my Needle????
It appears that I have lost my very favorite needle. I went to visit a friend in the hospital the other night and pulled out my stitching while I was there. Evidently my needle flew off of my project. I do remember my fibers getting caught and I guess the needle got pulled out. Why was this needle more special than any other needle? This needle was a $5.00 Mardina needle. It absolutely was my favorite. I had less trouble threading it with its teeny tiny eye than I do a regular needle. If anyone has one they don't want because they don't like it you can sure pass it on to me!


Kathy said...

Sorry, Marjean I don't have a fancy needle. All I can offer is a little sympathy. Hope you get a replacemnnt soon.

Kaye said...

I'm so sorry.....maybe we can call the hospital and see if they found it. I have some little needles, I will let you look at them.