Thursday, June 7, 2007

How Cute Is This???

I was visiting blogs the other day and came across Kim's blog where she was having a contest for one of her QSnap Huggers. Well, I entered and guess what??? I won!!!! Isn't this cute? She even let me pick out my own fabric. I tested it out last night and it was just the neatest thing. If you want one, Kim has an entire album of fabric that you can choose from and she has very reasonable prices. Thanks Kim!

This is my new needle minder from Kelmscot. My friend gave this to me for some things that I had recently helped her with. Wasn't that nice? I love it. I think it is so pretty. I almost hate to use it.

I am also happy to report that my grandmother made it through surgery with flying colors. In fact, she did so well that the doctor let her come home the night of surgery. She is not a very good patient. She will not do what the doctor said. She won't keep on her sling and keeps waving her arm in the air all over the place. Silly Mamaw!

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