Monday, April 16, 2007

What's Next?

I made lots of stitching progress this weekend. These are pictures of two ornaments I finished stitching. The LNS is doing this 13 days of Christmas ornaments from market way back in 1999. These are day 1 and day 3. I am modifying them a bit. On the day 3 I didn't stitch the big number 3. On the day 2 one I think I will be making some changes as well.

This is a picture of Kathy's STRR. I only stitched a few bands at the bottom but, think what I did added to the piece. She is running out of room and there is still one other person to stitch and then she wants to stitch something along the bottom. What you see of the fabric on the bottom is all there is.
This heart was from Shannon's STRR. This was so fun to stitch. It was the first one I took out of the package and said "Oh, how cute!" so I had to stitch it. This STRR has gone really fast. I think I only have one or two left to stitch and I will be done.
I also finished another huge project that I have been working on for a while.
Now, the big dilemma. What do I stitch next? I have only one more STRR and my Mirabilia RR to work on as far as obligation stitching. I have finished all of my other things that have been hanging over my head. I can't decide whether to start something new or whether to work on a UFO. I looked through my stuff last night and nothing is really calling my name. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel sort of. I have been on a major not buying stash spree for a while now and am actually making headway with the stash that I have. Not that I will ever get it all stitched but I can see myself stitching all that I have that I want to stitch in probably the next 1 to 2 years. I know all this is crazy but when I look at my cross stitch stuff I see all the money I have tied up in it and about a year ago decided to do something about it. I can't just collect stash with no intentions of ever stitching it so I went on a mission to get it stitched. Finished, well that is another story.

It is a beautiful day here in south Louisiana. It is as April should be. It is sunshiney and slightly cool.
I have a party to go to tonight. I decided to host a table at the tea at my church next month so tonight is a tea tasting tea for the hostesses. I am also expecting about 10 boxes of Vera Bradley any minute now so that will keep me busy most of the afternoon.
I hope you have a great day!


Jenny said...

I love that bunny ST heart! That is so cute! Nice job on the RRs and the ornaments too. :)

tkdchick said...

Wow both RR's look great!

Theresa said...

My what a busy little bee you've been! I started Pompeji today and it's gonna be gorgeous. If you see it you're gonna want to do it.